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  • [In-Commerce] Import - wrong initial value output for DuplicateCheckFields field
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Attempt to use anti-duplicate features during product import always results in some kind of weird error about required field not being filled in. This is happening because of missing db="db" attribute in following code:

<inp2:m_RenderElement prefix="p.import" name="inp_edit_hidden" field="DuplicateCheckFields"/>

Without it DuplicateCheckFields hidden field has NAME (formatted version) instead of |Name| (database version) value.


There might be similar problems with link and article import templates as well.


  1. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    1. Yes, please pay attention to "This is happening ..." text in discussion text. 

      1. I think we should emphasize on offered solution / ideas on solving issues in better format. Example below.

        Proposed Solution: text goes here...

        Otherwise it takes longer to see where starts and ends.

        1. I writing long story (not that long in this case) for people to read it. If I would do a summary of the story too, then nobody would read the story and learn from it.

          1. Alex I am reading it all (wink) I just suggest to have a Heading that indicates were proposed solution starts nothing more