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In /in-news/articles/modify_articles.tpl, we display the navbar using the following code

<inp2:m_include template="platform/elements/navigation_bar.elm" titles="lu_title_MyAccount,lu_title_MyArticles,__item__,lu_title_ModifyArticle" templates="platform/my_account/my_account,in-news/my_account/my_articles,__ default__,in-news/articles/modify_article"/> 

If I use it in another category, where I actually display links, then "__item__" is referring to the item you try to edit, but using default "l" prefix, leading to a 404 page, here is debug output:

Notice: Requested ID for prefix l not passed in ...\core\kernel\db\db_event_handler.php on line 327 
Notice: ItemLoad Permission Failed for prefix [l] in checkItemStatus, leading to "404 Not Found" in ...\core\kernel\db\db_event_handler.php on line 488

If I remove "__item__" then page loads correctly. I checked for category permissions, I setup rights to view links and news. Why In-Portal is looking for "l" prefix, rather than another one? May it belong to a specific permission, I didn't tried all of them to be honest (smile)


  1. Category item editing link should be build using item's primary category
    (from "My Articles" page). That "__item__" keyword tries to use module root
    category to detect what is current item (link/article/etc.). When both link
    is located under in-news module root category or it's sub category, then it
    all breaks down.

    We need to somehow get rid of "module root categories" (we have sparate
    discussion for that), where we should change navigation bar to be more

  2. ah yes, that's the missing thing, this is the root folder for in-link :)

    Well, I just removed this entry and it works, yes maybe root folder removing
    will also solve this problem.

    2010/11/17 Alexander Obuhovich <>