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There is $_REQUEST super-global variable in PHP, that used to contain Get/Post/Cookie variables all together. However since PHP 5.3.0 actual contents of this variable can be altered using "request_order" ini setting. Unfortunately by default it no longer contains Cookie values. This is not big issue for In-Portal because it uses it's own $_REQUEST-alike variable maintenance system.

However it's a problem for Debugger, which thinks that there are always all variables inside a $_REQUEST and some of them are Get, some Post and some Cookies. I'm proposing merge $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE arrays manually in the debugger
and not rely on $_REQUEST variable's content.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I don't see why not, but for my information I'd like to know:

    1. what are the probability of $_REQUEST being changed (different)

    2. what are is the performance impact of doing manually.


  2. $_REQUEST variable is combination of $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE variables
    according to request_order setting from php.ini file. In-Portal doesn't use
    it at all, but Debugger does.

    That's why change in default value of request_order setting in php.ini
    resulted in cookies not being displayed in debugger at all.

  3. Thanks for clarifying.

    Let's create a task and clean this up in 5.2.1 version if you agree.


  4. Here is the task:

    INP-1175 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Ready for testing.