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  • [emails] Disabled e-mail templates are sent anyway
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It is possible to disable individual e-mail templates and e-mails, associated with won't be sent out. This is true in most cases, however in case if same e-mail template is used twice-in-a-row or more times, then 2nd and other e-mails will be still sent out regardless of e-mail template status.

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INP-1276 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Was fixed in rRRG7331 (In-Portal 5.1.3). Patch needs to be created for 5.2.x branch.

    1. Please create a task for In-Portal 5.2.x with Patch and commit to 5.2.1-B2 or 5.2.1-B3

  2. No action is required here, because this was already fixed in 5.2.0-B3 during e-mail engine rewrite in  INP-999 - Getting issue details... STATUS .