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  • [in-commerce] Affiliate user gets paid for non-affiliate orders from same payout period
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If you setup plan with payout period in 1 month (e.g. from 1st to 30th November 2011) and then:

  1. create (and approve) order without using an affiliate link
  2. perform logout (from front-end)
  3. visit website using affiliate link
  4. create (and approve) order without using an affiliate link

As a result affiliate will get payout amount like both orders were created using affiliate link. This is wrong, since "Affiliate Commission" in these 2 orders is displayed correctly. 


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  1. you mean that only second order should have been comimssioned,, thanks to
    affiliate cookie, right?

    2011/11/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  2. Only orders, that have Affiliate User specified should participate in
    affiliate commission calculations.

    Bug was that "amount to pay" displayed to affiliate was larger then total
    affiliate commission from all it's orders.

  3. ok, but what do you mean by "Affiliate User specified"? I'm taking this
    opportunity to have more info on Affiliation tool :)

    2011/11/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  4. Each user, who has registered as affiliate has special link displayed on
    his "Affiliate Materials" page on Front-End under "My Account".

    Usually affiliate place this link on another website in a advertisement
    banner. When this link is clicked, then user will see a regular website,
    but ID of user, who created that link (affiliate link) would be remembered
    in cookie/session based on setting in admin.

    All orders, created during such website visit would also contain affiliate
    user's id, who would get commission after they are approved.

  5. it seems like I imagined.
    Then, thanks to cookie, if visitor don't place an order on website at first
    visit, but come back later (obviously without using affiliate ID link),
    then affiliate is still commissioned, right?

    2011/11/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  6. If cookie used, then yes.

  7. ok. thanks for clarification

    2011/11/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  8. Patch is tested good (on one of the Projects).

    Thanks for a quick fix Alex