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The order preview template contains the chunk:

<form method="POST" action="<inp2:ord_GetFormAction/>"> 
	<inp2:ord_GetFormHiddenFields return_template="in-commerce/checkout/checkout_success" cancel_template="in-commerce/checkout/billing" /> 
	<inp2:m_if check="ord_NeedsPlaceButton"> 
		<input type="submit" value="<inp2:m_Phrase label="lu_order_CompleteOrder" />" class="button"> 

I'm assuming that the submit will be redirected to either return_template or cancel_template but neither is happening.


  1. Depending on payment method selected it could also redirect you to PayPal
    website and then return to appropriate success/failure template.

    When "Check or Money Order" payment method is used, then you always end up
    on "Thank You for your order" page.

  2. Indeed, I have only check/PO and enabled..  The issue I'm
    having is that whenever the CC is used, neither redirect happens..

  3. HI Chris,

    Please email me some details (URL, Admin) in private so I can take a closer


  4. Closing due lack of details.