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  • [in-commerce] Order Workflow Broken Without Backorders Management Enabled
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if you have an incomplete order, and product inside order aren't using backorder management, then you can't place the order, see debug log:

Unknown column 'BackOrderFlagCalc' in 'where clause' (1054)

SELECT 0 AS BackOrderFlagCalc, oi.*
FROM 52x_OrderItems oi
LEFT JOIN 52x_Products p ON p.ProductId = oi.ProductId
WHERE (OrderId = 3) AND (BackOrderFlagCalc = 0) AND (p.Type = 1)


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  1. Dmitry Andrejev [Intechnic] this is show stopper for every In-Commerce installation where MySQL was upgraded to 5.5 and such syntax is no longer valid.

  2.  Let's try addressing this in Final 5.2.1 release since this seem to be a quick fix. Your thoughts on this Alex ?