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  • [in-commerce] Payment Mode Text Fields Not Multilingual
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Hi guys,

you are maybe aware of this fact, but I wanted to report it in groups, in order to have a patch to fix it: "payment types" text informations, which appear on front-end, are not multilingual (description, instructions).

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MINC-94 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Sorry for delayed response. Haven't seen notification about this discussion
    due size of my Inbox.

    I guess you've already talked about it somewhere else (in other discussion)
    too. I also believe, that everything that is shown up on the Front-end must
    have capability to translate itself to any of languages, used on a website.

  2. New task created for this particular case.

    *1276: Make Payment Type fields Multilingual* -

    MINC-94 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  3. Here is the patch, ready for testing.