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  • [in-commerce] Payment type sorting is ignored
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Payment type sorting defined via "Priority" field on payment type editing screen is ignored, when dropdown from payment types is displayed on "Billing" step during checkout. I propose we sort by Priority DESC, Name ASC.

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  1. Hi,

    Looks like the issue is in using the following tag in in-commerce/

    <inp2:ord_PredefinedOptions render_as="inp_option_item"
    field="PaymentType" selected="selected"/>

    I believe it doesn't apply sorting to the list since Options requested

    Do have to start using the PrintList instead?


  2. Nope, options_sql option should fixed to include that sorting, because now
    it doesn't.

  3. Can you give more ideas if it's global fix or something we do in Event
    Handler for PaymentTypes?


  4. No event handler. As I've said it's all in "options_sql" for PaymentType
    field in orders_config.php :)

  5. Okay - you are right.

    Here is a patch, but I have also clean up a code in this orders_config.php
    file since it was really terrible.


  6. A month has passed and no new opinions. Seems every one is happy.
    Here is the task:

    MINC-47 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  7. well, it's a good task, as it seems to me that it wasn't working well
    even in v4,x.

    ps: I have "Access Denied." when I try to see this task :S

    2010/3/14 Alexander Obuhovich <>:

  8. Hi Phil,

    The task is closed from public since In-Commerce is a commercial
    module. However, there is nothing in the task that you don't see here.

    Thanks for your comments!


    On Mar 14, 4:55

  9. ok, I just wanted to follow the thread, as I read all posts and tasks

    2010/3/14 Dmitry A. <>