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  • [in-commerce] Shipping cost (on shipping editing) wasting of auto-increment problem
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There a problem with worthless usage of auto-increment value in ShippingCosts table. When you click on "Costs" tab, or other tab, that triggers shipping cost being saved, then it firstly deletes all records about shipping costs and then create new ones, event when nothing is changed. This approach result a tons of useless change log records to be created. Also this increments ID of that table, event when no data was changed.

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  1. Hello Alex,

    I really apreciate to read that you take care of DB fine tuning in
    recent posts.
    This is very important for future if In-Portal, and also important for
    us (users and resellers) to give a better trust in the platform

    I've said a long time ago that tables and requests could be optimized,
    and I'm happy that we go in this direction.


  2. This is all thanks to recently upgraded automatic problem detection methods,
    that allows developer to notice things, that were previously missed and
    therefore nearly to impossible to detect.

  3. Here is the task:

    MINC-45 - Getting issue details... STATUS