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  • [in-commerce] Some in-commerce prefixes doesnt use proper decimal fields
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I have found that in project Masai, table AffiliatePlansBrackets, field Percent uses DECIMAL(3,2) which would allow to save only numbers below 10 (9.99 etc), sa far as 10.00 is out of range already. Seems that standards for decimal fields have hanged since this unit was added.

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MINC-72 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Thanks for reporting Nikita!

    Here is something on the web regarding this too -

    Are you able to adjust it and provide a patch here? I would say make it as
    it's for all Price/OrderTotal fields* Decimal(10,4)*


  2. I recall, that we had such problem before with order fields in In-Commerce
    module, but we've fixed it. I guess due less frequent usage of Affiliate
    functionality it wasn't noticed in time.

  3. Hi Nikita,

    Thanks for the update!

    Actually, we need to create a patch in proper patch format for In-Portal

    For that you need to:

    1. checkout In-Portal from SVN
    2. all proper files (ie. install_schema.sql, upgrades.sql)
    3. run your SVN client and do Create Patch on the changed files.

    Make sense? Please give it another shot!


  4. Also, it would make sense to check ALL current DB fields for the same issue.

    Here is a new task:

    1010: Check all DECIMAL Database Fields for Correct Definitions

    MINC-72 - Getting issue details... STATUS