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Hello guys,

I recently found something simple but yet annoying: when you setup a product's price for a group, you click to make appearing a price form. But you can't remove this price form for a given group, is to said once you've setup a price for a group, you can't remove these price brackets anymore. At worst you empty all fields and validate: the price for this group will be 0.

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  1. Any ideas how to achive desired effect here? Maybe toolbar button (or normal
    button near group name) called: "Delete all pricings for selected group".

    I've expected, that Dmitry will be the first to answer this post, since he
    usually can propose better interface.

  2. a button is maybe more elegant, I was thinking at first to make the group
    pricing disappearing if max qty field is set to 0, but this could be a typo,
    then the button you are talking about seems better.

    2010/9/17 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. Hi guys,

    I believe the Delete button in a toolbar will do the trick. I would name the
    button "Delete" and mouse over hint something like "Delete Group Pricing".

    What are you thoughts on this?


  4. nothing more is needed.

    2010/9/17 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  5. I've added a task, so this discussion progress can be somehow tracked.


    MINC-65 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  6. Please review and test the patch.

    NOTE: some minor code clean up was done since it's pretty messy and hard to
    work with.


    Best regards,

    Dmitry A.