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  • [in-link] Search settings for link custom fields are missing after installing
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I have installed In-Link after I've installed In-Portal and search settings for it's custom fields were missing. I have to manually save each custom field for proper records to be created.

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MINL-6 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Hi Alex,

    Are we talking about In-Portal/In-Link 5.0.x or 5.0.2 ?


  2. I've came across it on 5.1.0, so it includes 5.0.2 as well.
  3. Yes, I am confirming this issue too.

    Time to create a task for this bug.


  4. Here is the task:

    MINL-6 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    I've also advanced issue tracker, so it will allow to specify target version
    on issue report screen and fixed/target version on issue view/update simple
    screens. No need to set advanced screens any more. I've also limited
    target/fixed version dropdown to not-released versions only, since you've
    managed to schedule 2 tasks to 5.0.2 instead of 5.0.4 release, which is long
    time released for now.