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while I was doing some tests, I've found that paypal.php gateway class have a bug: amount sent to gateway is SubTotal, instead of being TotalAmount:

#51:  $ret['amount'] = $this->ConvertCurrency($item_data['SubTotal'], $target);

I've manually checked that this is not the case for all other built-in gateway classes.

And I'm still very happy to see I can't access Mantis in-commerce related tasks... Surely because I can't bring anything good there ;-)



  1. Have you checked paypal api, maybe he really expects only subtotal in that
    fields and all processing fees should go into other field?

    Also is this happening to simple paypal or to paypal pro?

  2. Well, you are partially right: other paypal fields are intended to send shipping cost and VAT to paypal, but there's no such field for processing fees, so they'd need to be added to SubTotal, or we could simply get rid of all paypal details (which are not mandatory), and just send TotalAmount, like we do for all other gateways.

    As you could have guessed from php class filename, it's for "paypal", not "paypal pro".

    Le vendredi 8 juin 2012

  3. From paypal docs (

    The price or amount of the product, service, or contribution, not including
    shipping, handling, or tax. If this variable is omitted from Buy Now or
    Donate buttons, buyers enter their own amount at the time of payment.

    I've found, that processing (handling in paypal page) fee should be
    specified in optional "handling" parameter. Then we just forgot to add that
    I guess.

  4. ok, then this parameter is missing.

    By the way, I really don't like the way paypal acts with their clients, by prompting them to disclose their price breakdown :-( just a personal note.  


  5. We also missing Email address in PayPal Pro - quite useful.


  6. yes it is :)