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The /platform/members_list.tpl  should not be accessible to all logged user by default, don't you think so?


  1. Hi Phil,

    It's purely project specific - you are welcome to remove it. It's there so
    site owner can customize as needed.


  2. Hi Dmitry,

    I understand this, but this -usefull and clean- project specific template is
    included in standard distribution. Cool, but an average admin is not aware
    of this feature, which I bet is present in most online website until now,
    and nowhere we welcome owner to remove/protect it. This file should be
    accessible only intentionally by users belonging to admin group... Don't you
    think so?


    2010/5/24 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  3. Phil,

    I understand your point and still believe that webmaster who is building the
    website should work with the theme. Advanced theme is called advanced since
    it has most of the tags. Users must be logged in to see that page. It would
    be an issue if ANY one could see the page which is not the case now. There
    is NO single good solution for everyone in this case no matter how you look
    at it, plus NO point of trying to automate it anyhow - just waste of time.

    I hope this explain my point of view.


  4. I understand, it was an idea for the community, but all my thought can't be
    good :)

    2010/5/24 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  5. No worries - thanks for your opinion!


  6. vBulletin also has such page, that allows you to explore other user

  7. forum user's list probably don't have the same value and importance as a
    community/online shop/any online business user's list, that was my thinking
    behind this, protect commercial assets ^-^

    2010/5/25 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  8. We have invented *<inp2:m_Redirect .../>* tag in 5.1.0 release. This tag can
    be used to perform redirect to home page, when In-Commerce is installed and
    user visits user list template, that you talk about.

  9. Thanks correct - new tag can be used for that and other things.


  10. thanks for idea about that :)

    2010/6/10 Dmitry Andrejev <>