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  • [debugger] Changing Shortcut for In-Portal Debugger
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Hi guys,

It's very annoying and counter-productive to have Chrome Dev. Console to open up every time we press F12 to load/open up Debugger window.

I think we can create a new (additional) shortcut since there is no nice/clean way of controlling Chrome shortcut for now.

What you think? I propose to use ESC for both open and close the window or Ctrl+F12.

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  1. Existing shortcut was chosen mostly because all others were busy in one or
    another browser.

    In Firefox I've solved this problem by changing Firebug opening shortcut to
    Please tell if this extension

    If it doesn't then I can add new "DBG_SHORTCUT" setting in $dbg_options
    array, which is set to "F12" by default and can have any value with
    "Ctrl/Alt/Shift/+" too. Then you can set this to whatever you need based on
    what browser you use.

  2. Seems better to have our option to change debug shortcut, rather than changing browser one, which is our host application.


  3. It depends. For example I use debugger from different browsers and don't
    want to use different short cut every time.

    If developer only uses 1 browser, then of course it's easier for him to
    change default shortcut. Both options will be implemented of course.

  4. being able to select shortcut is good, but I'd advice that basic shortcut would be one not used by any browser.


  5. Here is the task:

    INP-1086 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 6:31 PM, Dmitry A. <> wrote:
    > FYI: extension https://chrome.****
    > mgjjeipcdnnjhgodgjpfkffcejolji**jf<> does
    > NOT help with disabling F12 in Chrome :(

    > DA

  6. Here is the patch, ready for testing.

  7. Thanks Alex - really cool feature!