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Hi guys,

It seems to be useful to show Server "Host Name" in Debugger Output along with other SQL info when SQL Profiling is enabled. Especially when using DB Balancing.

Currently it only used to show Server ID/index (ie. Server #1), plus never showed it for Master Server (used for Writes).


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  1. This might be useful when load balancing is used to easily see what db
    server is used, but in real life 99.9% of In-Portal installation don't use
    load balancing due low RPS (requests per second) on website.

    Maybe adding "Server #0 (aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd)" to each SQL being displayed in
    debugger (same info in each line) is just too much.

  2. To be honest, I think it's okay to see this so you don't have to guess it
    at all.

    It's not like we have so much info in there. I my opinion it's better to
    show this so it's handy since it's not necessarily is LOCALHOST as
    hostname. I see this quote often when there is IP address too even with
    single server.

    In other words, I look in that DB info string only when needed and it
    doesn't really bother me with what we have there now so Hostname is okay
    for me...


  3. I'm not against showing extra info, when that info differs. But in this
    case it's all the same info in each line.

    This way if you have 1 server all the time, why write it's number or IP if
    it's only one server and you know all details from config.php

  4. Very simple example - I am troubleshooting and have 2 copies of the website
    open (with DBG on) side by side:

    1. UAT or SANDBOX
    2. LIVE

    When reviewing and comparing them I don't want to remember which Server IP
    / Hostname this particular website is working this - I want to see it right
    away to save time and human error.

    At least this is how I think - may be I am lazy, but why should I remember
    this info when it can be right next to SQL when needed?! :)


  5. Interesting way to copy/paste server ip in each sql of debugger report to
    distinguish 2 websites instead of distinguishing them by url.

  6. Yes, as you can see they are very close indeed:

    LIVE -
    UAT -

    I like the approach  - Don't Make Me Think - where it's not needed of
    course ;)


  7. Hi guys,

    I think it's always more human friendly to see server name, and not IP. Should it be possible to have this feature enabled only when system use 2 DB, or when explicitly enabled in debug.php? Thus you'll all be happy to use the way you want :)



  8. Phil has a point, as with feature with mod-rewrite urls cache. New option
    in debug.php will satisfy both parties (who want extra info and ones who
    don't want, like me).

  9. Fine!

    Let's show Server Index + Hostname/IP ONLY when there are 2+
    servers specified in DB configuration (ie. Load balancing setup)

    Alex, are you agree with this?


  10. But this doesn't cover your the case when you need to compare 2 websites
    side-by-side where load balancing isn't enabled.

    Having a manual setting is better in this case.

    On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 9:35 PM, Dmitry A. <> wrote:
    > Fine!

    > Let's show Server Index + Hostname/IP ONLY when there are 2+
    > servers specified in DB configuration (ie. Load balancing setup)

    > Alex, are you agree with this?

    > DA

  11. Okay, new DBG setting it is then!

    Please update the task + patch according!


  12. I personally find that our debug.php is really very powerful, seeing the latest improvements. Serious software need a serious debugger, and we have both :)


  13. Here is the updated version of the patch.