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  • [deployment] Minor improvements to deployment script
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Current deployment script is already a major deployment time saver, but here are few things to make it even more efficient:

  1. rebuild system section cache
  2. refresh admin tree to display section changes (only when Deploy button is used from GUI)
  3. reset mod-rewrite url cache


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  1. Thank you for reporting this Alex!

    I know I have talked about this, but was constantly forgetting to report in
    Groups and here you are :)

    What about the format for Revisions in project_upgrades.sql file? Remember
    we have talked about this too. Did you report this somewhere?


  2. Please create a task here.

    Internally at Intechnic we use following revision format:
    # r15: Task title (#545443)

    This might look super clean at first, but we manually need to convert
    "#545443 - Task title" string, that we have by copy-pasting task title into
    given string. This have nothing to do with general deployment script,
    because it is only how we are using revision comments.

    Anyway we agreed, that such title also can be used without any
    further implications:
    # r15: #545443 - Task title

  3. Thanks for clarifying on new format - ageed.

    Would you please create a new task for 5.2.1 for your original notes?