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in in-bulletin/elements/posts.elm.tpl, in post_element definition, we have a field to display user country:

<inp2:PosterField name="Country"/>

and this field is filled when user fills his country in user's preference (and not in In-Bulletin preference).

Is there a way to display custom user's field here too? I tried all common tags and fields, but no luck I didn't found how to do ...

thanks for your help!

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  1. So user have 2 country fields:

       - one in it's profile
       - one in in-bulletin profile

    Is that so?

    That's strange, how did you get that custom field usually (with other

  2. thank for your reply Alex, it works using one of these 2 tags:

    <inp2:u.profile_Field field="cust_xxx"/>
    <inp2:u_CustomField name="xxx"/>

    I don't know what's the difference, any usage's tip?


    2010/10/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. sorry, it works in user profile to display the current logged in user's
    fields, but not in post_element to display poster's infos.

    2010/10/15 Phil -- -- <>

  4. Sadly, but tag PosterField only allows to selected real fields (not custom
    fields) from user record. That's a bug actually.

  5. is it the same if I try to display in-bulletin custom fields?

    2010/10/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  6. PosterField tag is used to display post author's field. It can't display
    anything else. Best way to know for sure is to try. I never used topic
    custom fields, but they should work.

  7. Task:

    MINB-16 - Getting issue details... STATUS