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  • [in-commerce] 3rd refactoring of Shipping Quote Engines related to USPS
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We have method, named "MakeUSPSOrder" in OrderEventHandler class. This not good, since we have separate class for USPS interaction code.

I propose to create universal method MakeOrder in each SQE (ShippingQuoteEngine) and move MakeUSPSOrder to one of them. This way we will determine SQE by shipping type used in order and delegate all specific processing to it.


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  1. Hi Alex,

    I have ran some tests on 5.1.x (5.1.1-B1).

    like we need some work.

    For some reason we never got to "MakeOrder" with USPS. See part of the DEBUG
    occurred during Ship Order action.

    Let me know if you want access to my test site.


  2. Have you tried order approving? Did it called MakeOrder then?
    On Sep 23, 2010 9:21 PM, "Dmitry Andrejev" <> wrote:

  3. No, it haven't called the method... at least it didn't get inside of it.

    Let me know what's next. I can actually give you the account info and you
    can try run this from your development.


  4. Agreed, give it to me (maybe in private email).

  5. New patch attached (in task too).

  6. It was tested good and was included in 5.1.1 Beta1