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  • [in-commerce] New Shopping Cart Features : Saved Cart and Cart Reminder
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Hi guys,

I would like to submit here 2 features which seems to me to be missing in actual in-commerce.

Saved Cart
If a visitor have a cart, wether a registered user or a visitor, we store order id in user's cookie (or maybe in user record in DB for logged in users), until cart is emptied (order completed or cart reset).

Cart Reminder
If a logged user have an incomplete order id, we send a commercial reminder email to user, using a cron agent. We'd need a new setup value: text for email reminder. i hope you'll like these new ideas :)

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  1. Hi Phil,

    Both sound interesting and useful ideas.

    We definitely need to discuss all options for both.


  2. Hi Dmitry

    and I think both features are very easy to implement, first by storing a
    value in cookie, second by creating a new agent... Sadly I'm not that good
    to code it by myself :)


    2011/10/16 Dmitry A. <>

  3. That's where we come in.

  4. Here is the patch for "keeping shopping cart alive between website visits"
    for In-Portal 5.1.3 (since In-Portal 5.2.0 isn't yet released and people
    might want to apply this patch already).

    Another idea that just popped out:

       - Display all Incomplete orders on user's My Account -> My Orders list
       (which are not empty)
       - Have "Continue Shopping" near each order to set that Order ID as active
       order id

    Another idea about "My Account -> My Orders" list:

       - Have "Reorder" button near each Processed order
       - Clicking it will place all order content into current shopping cart and
       redirect to shopping cart template

    This way users, who reorder same stuff on a regular basis could do that

  5. great, I'll test it asap.

    Your idea about about "reorder" is really cool, I like it.

    about incomplete orders, this looks like a "save my cart" function, which
    would clear the cart but leave an incomplete order in DB, what do you think
    of this improvement?

    2011/10/17 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  6. All abandoned shopping cart are auto-saved automatically I guess. We just
    need a way to restore them.

  7. yes, but abandonned isn't an action performed by user: it's abandoned
    because he leave the website, which is not a real "save" action.

    Finding abandoned cart isn't so usefull, while finding saved cart you've
    choose to keep seems better to me :)

    Dmitry, your opinion?

    I'd propose at least that cart is never emptied without user action, this
    way he can find back his order whenever he comes back to the website.

    2011/10/17 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  8. New task created for:

    *1156: Keeping Shopping Cart between Visits*

    MINC-87 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Hi Phil,

    To be honest I don't have any solid opinion on this yet (didn't use this in
    real world much). Some big websites that I use (electronics mostly) do
    empty the cart at some point, but they send an email saying that I have
    forgot something in the my shopping carts. I think we need to research and
    then use try/error approach here at some point.

    I'd like to keep this discussion open so we all can get our heads around it.


  9. Dmitry,

    about sending an email for abandoned carts, I already proposed this
    part of CRM functions (Customer Relationship Management), more than 2 years
    ago (!).

    I could be driven by an agent, as well as many other emails providing
    automatic marketig communication with end users.


    2011/11/2 Dmitry A. <>