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I propose we show latest available version in top frame in administrative console. For example: "Latest Version: 5.0.2. Your Version: 5.0.0. [Upgrade]". Upgrade is link to download page. This way administrator will be always aware, that new version is available for download. Maybe we also should place link to issue tracker filtered by given release on download page near module name.

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Alex, yes, I like the idea!

    Here are some of my thoughts how this can be even more useful to users:

    0. Only available in Admin Advanced Interface (NOT Simple).

    1. In Top Frame (exact location needs to be picked) display a message if a
    new version of In-Portal or other Modules are available. The logic can be
    the following:

    a. If new In-Portal version is available, show message -- In-Portal 5.0.3 is
    b. or Show message -- In-LInk 5.0.3 is available. It will be a link to

    2. The message above (in top frame) will LINK to "Configuration -> Modules"
    section where user can see ALL all of his installed modules (now) and new
    columns that will show:

    a. Latest Version - shows latest stable version, ie. 5.0.3 (download zip or
    gz); with DIRECT links for downloads.
    b. Change Log - link (opens in new window) to Issue Tracker with filters for
    that version to see what was done.

    3. All checks should be done for Admin ONLY and probably using an Agent
    (regular event).

    Since it will be a Web Service from website we would NEED TO

    1. about In-Commerce and In-Auction modules check?
    2. somehow validate license, and build Direct download links?

    Also, see some screenshots how WP does it.

    These are my thoughts, let me know what you think of this?


  2. Here is the task:

    INP-525 - Getting issue details... STATUS