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  • [php-compatibility] Upgrade adodb time library to fix several warnings in PHP 5.3
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We have several warnings when date formatter converts dates from user input to timestamps:

PHP5 Depricated: mktime() [function.mktime]: The is_dst parameter is deprecated in \core\kernel\utility\  on line 143 
PHP5 Depricated: gmmktime() [function.gmmktime]: The is_dst parameter is deprecated in \core\kernel\utility\ on line 143 

Maybe there is a new adodb time library version, that have fixed this issue.

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  1. Here is a link to the latest ADODB downloads

    <>To be honest
    I doubt they have it addressed in their latest release.


  2. Latest downloadable version is 0.30, we are using 0.21. I've checked, that
    same error exists in latest version too. So at this point we cannot fix

  3. *is_dst*

    This parameter can be set to 1 if the time is during daylight savings time
    (DST), 0 if it is not, or -1 (the default) if it is unknown whether the time
    is within daylight savings time or not. If it's unknown, PHP tries to figure
    it out itself. This can cause unexpected (but not incorrect) results. Some
    times are invalid if DST is enabled on the system PHP is running on or *
    is_dst* is set to 1. If DST is enabled in e.g. 2:00, all times between 2:00
    and 3:00 are invalid and *mktime()* returns an undefined (usually negative)
    value. Some systems (e.g. Solaris 8) enable DST at midnight so time 0:30 of
    the day when DST is enabled is evaluated as 23:30 of the previous day.

    *Note*: As of PHP 5.1.0, this parameter became deprecated. As a result, the
    new timezone handling features should be used instead.

    Should do this when we'll be converting to PHP 5?


  4. We don't change that adodb time library code, to fix it bugs. We of course
    could research what that new timezone handling method is, but while still
    using PHP4 we can't proceed with this further.

  5. I've finally was able to fix it.


    INP-787 - Getting issue details... STATUS


    INP-787 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    >Ready for testing.
  6. Thanks Alex.

    Patch tested good!