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I'm proposing to show current server time (or time in timezone current admin has selected) in top frame. This would save a lot of thinking when you're looking at Scheduled Task list on server, which is in different timezone and want to determine when exactly (based on your timezone) scheduled task will be executed.


  1. and I'd also add an even professional touch, I'm for it :)


  2. Hi guys,

    Yes, I believe we can greatly benefit from this feature when we show
    Date/Time of the Website (including timezone).

    1. Proposed format is - Tue, Oct 16 10:01 CDT 2012 (or similar)

    2. Proposed location - Top frame, gray bar next to Logout buttons (to the
    left of it)

    3. Proposed implementation - add new "Website time format" Config Settings
    as input field where user can change format he wants, default can be - Tue,
    Oct 16 10:01 CDT 2012 (or similar)

    This discussion is related to *Switch to Website Date/Time formats in Admin
    Console* -