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  • [uploader] Major flash uploader redesign to make it really simple to use
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I propose we change flash uploader in administrative console and on Front-End too to be more user friendly and simplify it's interface. For example we could use logic of original code of SWFUpload control: when file is selected via "Browse" button, then it is added under browse button and progress bar is shown near it and upload starts immediately. No huge progress bar dialog with total upload progress is shown. Ideally I would like to upload files same way they are uploaded, when new files are attached to gmail:

[x] Filename [progress bar] Cancel 
[x] - when unchecked, then file is deleted
Filename - filename being attached 
[progress bar] - shown only when upload is in progress 
Cancel - shown only when upload is in progress and allow to cancel it in real time 

Files are uploaded one after another.

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  1. I love the idea as well as Gmail interfaces :)

    This would be very neat and useful enhancement for the uploader!

    Are we planning to use some ready solution or need to code one?


    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  2. We need to use solution from swfuploader site and fuse it with our
    current implementation.
  3. Anyone knows / saw a good solution for this?


  4. Okay, while no response here I've filed a new Feature Request so this
    can be addressed down on the road:

    456: Major Flash Uploader Redesign

    INP-381 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  5. Good news. Patch is ready for testing. Follow testing instructions in the

    Patch could applied to 5.1.0-B1 version, that is already released.

  6. Great! Will be testing it shortly.


  7. I've change queue css style. Here is an example. Now looks more like
    original queue of swfupload.