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  • [uploader] Make impact uploader internal urls configurable
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Right now uploader uses 3 urls (defined in inp_edit_swf_upload element) and there is no much control over them from outside. Usually it's not a problem, but with complex mod-rewrite urls there is a need for urls, that uploader uses to be mod-rewrite as well.

uploadURL : '<inp2:m_t pass="all,$prefix" {$prefix}_event="OnUploadFile" js_escape="1" no_amp="1" />',
deleteURL : '<inp2:m_t pass="all,$prefix" {$prefix}_event="OnDeleteFile" field_id="#FIELD_ID#" file="#FILE#" js_escape="1" no_amp="1"/>',
previewURL : '<inp2:m_t pass="all,$prefix" {$prefix}_event="OnViewFile" field="#FIELD#" file="#FILE#" js_escape="1" no_amp="1" />',


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