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To make flash uploader even more powerful I'm proposing to add queue sorting capability to it.

To allow that I've added getSortedFiles function, that allows to sort uploaded files using uploader queue div IDs as input. As an example I've used following code (see

$(document).ready(function () {
	var $uploader_id = '<inp2:project_InputName name="Gallery" js_escape="1"/>';
	$('#' + jq($uploader_id + '_queueinfo'))
		update: function(event, ui) {
			var	$new_order = $(this).sortable('toArray'),
				$uploader = UploadsManager._Uploaders[$uploader_id],
				$files = $uploader.getSortedFiles($new_order);
			$('#' + jq($uploader_id + '[order]')).val($files.join('|'));

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  1. Thanks for nice patch Alex!