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A couple times we have had a need to have different email addresses for website Admin From and Admin To. I can't say it was too often. Today, I'd like discuss possible need and options for having the ability to have separate SendTo Admin Email address and other possibilities here like ability to have additional Interfaces as we have in Event Settings (can specify multiple recipients (user, group, address) + To, CC, BCC. 

Just to remind you that current Smtp_AdminMailFrom setting is used for both Sending and Receiving ALL General (non-event specific) messages. Keep in mind that in most cases we have specific Email Events when the emails are send out on specific Event which can be configured as needed. The General email address is used as a default one when no specific Event is not there even though there might be several cases where it's used.

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  1. Then new "Send To" session would at the end produce e-mails list of people,
    who would receive all admin designated e-mails, like "new order submitted",
    "new user added" and so on.

    Maybe we can add "Receive Admin E-mails" checkbox into Group/User record,
    so they would get all that e-mails by default, e.g. all users from "admin"
    group will receive all admin e-mails.

    Also if in e-mail event settings someone will set specific admin e-mail
    recipient and not "Default" as now, then above mentioned settings won't be
    in effect of course.

  2. Hi guys,

    your ideas sounds great. We started to discuss about this
    the way ;-)


    2011/12/16 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. Good, that you've fount it. I wasn't able to find it. I'll lock this
    discussion then and all posts should go to original discussion then.