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  • Ability to manually changes Order status and Update Fields
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It came to my attention that it's quite inconvenience that you (Admin):

  1. can NOT change Order status by hand in the Admin. In some cases you might need to move it from one status to another skipping something else.
  2. can NOT edit some basic Order fields (ie. Billing/Shipping tabs) and has to go through Cloning and some one steps which VERY complicates the whole process.

I suggest we review and add both functionalities, but I would somehow check permissions for it since in some cases you don't want EVERYONE in admin doing it and want to limit some people just to processing.


  1. There a payment type setting named "Allow Placed Order Editing" which is
    "deny" by default. When you enable it for payment type used in order, then
    you can edit it and even maybe change it's status.

    Please check it out.

  2. Actually I knew about that Feature and it was checked and didn't work which
    probably makes it a BUG.

    Can anyone else confirm this?


  3. I've created 2 orders with one tangible product.

       - Order using "Check M/O" payment type was editable (also Status field)
       while being in "Pending" tab
       - Order using "Credit Card" payment type wasn't editable (also Status
       field) while being in "Pending" tab

    Then I've unchecked "Allow Placed Order Editing" for "Check M/O" payment
    type and first order also became read-only as second one.

    All tests were conducted on 5.0.3-B2 clean installation.

    *Result: can't replicate described problem.*

    Anyone else could test this please?

  4. Thanks for reviewing this Alex.

    I gave it a second try and found that we ONLY can NOT change Order Status
    which actually might good (drop-down) to have.

    At least we can allow this to be changed all ALL created Orders and have
    default for New Incomplete one.

    What's your take on this?


  5. Field "Status" is read only for the same reason as "Type" field for

    For example when order has been paid and is in Pending status and you move
    it to Incomplete by changing it's Status directly from dropdown, then no
    payment will be refunded. When you Process that order then user will be
    charged again (in payment method for example).

    So by changing "Status" field by hand you don't simulate any action of
    toolbar buttons, like "Deny" or "Ship", when we got some processing and then
    status is changed to Denied and Shipped.