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  • Ability to set SSL and Login Requrted options for Sections in Catalog
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I propose to add a new SSL and Login Required options for Sections (non-templates - they have tags). This can be done using check-boxes and will help us to make these settings quickly. It will be TURNED OFF in Simple Admin Interface.

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  1. Hi guys,

    What about this task?

    Do you think we need this for 5.2.0? I vote - Yes, what about you?


  2. sounds cool, just a question, what do you mean by "Login Required options
    for Sections " (non-template)? What is a non-template section, and what's
    the difference with actual set of permissions under "Permissions" tab? I'm
    sure there's something I didn't got :)

    2011/10/14 Dmitry A. <>

  3. All sections (formerly pages & categories) are divided into 2 groups:

       1. *virtual* - pages, that admin manually added via "Add Section" toolbar
       button in catalog (have yellow icon in grid)
       2. *template* - pages, that are created automatically during theme file
       scan to match any TPL file, that is present in theme directory (red icon in

    These are values of "Type" field on section editing page by the way.

    The main difference between virtual and template type of sections is, that
    "template" type sections use each own TPL to show their content (and you can
    place m_RequireLogin on it safely), but "virtual" type sections all use the
    same template (called design template) to show their content, but each of
    the pages just have different content block data to display on it.

    This way by placing m_RequireLogin tag on a design template you'll end up
    with all pages using it become login-required.

    Dmitry proposition is to add "Require Login" and "Require SSL" checkboxes to
    section properties for user/developer to be able to specify these settings
    for each section individually no matter, that they use single design
    template to display their data.

  4. thanks for so many details.

    Stating that we have "Permissions" tab to select or unselect "View"
    permissions for each groups, I would recommend to place these checkboxes
    under "Permissions" tab, "In-Portal" sub-tab, to avoid any confusion between
    "View" permissions, and this new "Login" permission, and have all
    permissions-related things in the same place.
    It's also better not to mix same type of features in different tabs, isn't

    2011/10/14 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  5. There are 2 types of permissions:

       - category-based - edited on Permissions tab of section editing page
       - non-category-based - edited on Permissions tab of group editing

    Whatever or not is user logged-in on site isn't a permission actually, but
    LOGIN non-category-based permission is used to detect if user is allowed to
    login on site or not.

    Require SSL isn't related to permissions at all.

    Also we try to keep first half of section Permissions tab as small as
    possible to allow more permissions to be shown at bottom part.

  6. Thanks for detailization Alex!

    So, are you for this or against adding to 5.2.0 Advanced Interface?


  7. I have no problems with adding these 2 new checkboxes on section editing
    screen (along with tons of others checkboxes there) in 5.2.0.

    Redesign of section editing screen is question to be discussed in another

    On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 8:04 AM, Dmitry A. <> wrote:
    > Thanks for detailization Alex!

    > So, are you for this or against adding to 5.2.0 Advanced Interface?

    > DA

  8. Agreed!

    I have moved this into 5.2.0 and assigned to myself.

    I'll provide a patch in a near future