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  • Ability to specify default countries
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We have various fields with countries throughout the system. Most of them have "USA" as default country and this can't be changed.


I propose to create a set of configuration variables, that will allow site administrator to change such countries.


  1. I think this is related to the other discussions where we want to
    transfer all Countries and States into manageable grid.

    By the way what do you mean by  "configuration variables" here?


    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  2. By that I mean sections like "Configuration -> Website -> General" and
    similar configuration sections.

  3. Do you think it's sufficient to have single selector for Default
    Country for all places we are suing it?

    I think we might want a bit more flexibility in terms of specifying
    Default country based on Prefix? This might be option to Overwrite
    default in Prefix Config?


  4. This is exactly what I meant (see my first post): to create a set of
    configuration variable for specifying default country for each usage
    location (billing, shipping, registration, etc.).

  5. It's user's choice to set counties he need. No need to override or use
    global prefix-based approach, because we always can change individual
    configuration variable value if we need to.

  6. Ok, let's try to outline the final specs for this then. Considering
    that it will be working with single Country management interface.


  7. Ok, finals specs would like like this:

    in each module "Ouput" configuration tree section add sub-section named
    "Default Countries" and add appropriate variables, like "Country for new
    user registrations", "Country for shipping address", "Country for billing

    Use that configuration variable to make changes to unit configs via

  8. Ok, specs look good to me.

    I think this tag is cross related to the one where you can modify
    Countries and States? This was a feature request if I am not mistaken.


  9. What tag, maybe you've misspelled? Yes, this is feature request. I doesn't
    recall any related task/discussion here.

  10. I think, that this
    includes this discussion, so I've place it's task here too:

    INP-390 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    (0000472: Domain-based site
  11. There are places, where it's impossible to configure default country:

    • In-Commerce:
      • ShippingCountry and BillingCountry fields in order (we can override them through site domain usage, but when we don't use them, then default is USA)
      • RecipientCountry field in gift certificates

    During user registration we don't have any country preselected, but we do show USA as 1st in the list. What country to show first can be configurable via System Settings.