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  • Ability to specify module in theme.xml file
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Starting with In-Portal 5.0.0 there is ability to create "theme.xml" file under "_install" folder in theme. This file holds meta-information that is used to interact with theme templates. You can even create "_install" folder under each module sub folder in one theme, e.g.

  • /themes/theme_folder/_install/theme.xml - in-portal file
  • /themes/theme_folder/in-commerce/_install/theme.xml - in-commerce module file

Right now I'm integrating (infusing pure HTML slice-up with In-Portal tags) new In-Commerce theme and I don't have any "in-commerce" module sub-folder to place it's theme.xml into it. So I've decided, that you can specify alternative module directly in theme.xml file to place all module-specific theme information into single theme.xml file.

Here the sample:

	<section_design module="in-commerce">designs/section</section_design>
	<item_design module="in-commerce"*>products/details</item_design>

In the above example is the contents of /themes/theme_folder/_install/theme.xml file and you can see how "section_design" and "item_design" have "module" attribute specified. 


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  1. Great patch Alex!

    Useful to have