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  • Ability to use PerPage, SortBy and Page params from URL Query
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We are looking for a way to extend functionality for using PerPage, SortBy and Page params from URL Query. Here is a quick outline of things to do:

New Query Params Usage:

  1. Tag PageLink will include parameters "page,per_page,sort_by" from request, when available (only pass them, when differ, from default values from unit config of that prefix)
  2. Pass main_list="1" to InitList/PrintList of main list on the page (one list per page)
  3. When main_list parameter is given, then during list initialization use page,per_page,sort_by from url to initialize list
  4. Remove "action" attribute from <form> tags on front-end
  5. Events OnSetPage, OnSetPerPage, OnSetSorting* should not add associated with them url parameter (page,per_page,sort_by), when it's value is equals to default value from unit config of main list being used.

New Query Params Storage: 

  1. don't store page,page,sorting in session on Front-End (setting in debug.php)
  2. store page,page,sorting in cookie (expiration until browser is closed) in format "<prefix>_var", e.g. "product_page".

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1 Comment

  1. New Query Params Usage:
    All done except of 4th item, because it's not required.

    New Query Params Storage:
    1 - don't use ability to turn on/off using setting, will be always on
    2 - variables like "product_Page", "product_PerPage".


    INP-460 - Getting issue details... STATUS