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  • Adding more helpful information to Installator
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"Select License" step

1. Display following warning message (for modules, not covered by uploaded license):

Following modules "ModuleA", "ModuleB", "ModuleN" require a valid license to be installed. If you need them to work, then please upload valid license below.

"Modules to Install" step

1. Add following text under module list:

Missing a module? Check, that you've downloaded a module from and unpacked it under /modules/ folder.

2. List all modules, found under "/modules/" folder. For paid modules not covered, by a license display "Module Not Licensed" (link to "Select License" step) in red (same way as we do in "Modules" list in Admin Console).

"Basic Configuration" step

1. Generate random string for "Session Cookie Name" setting. Right now it's "sid" for every In-Portal installation, which leads to redirect loop error right after installation, when you have several In-Portal installations placed one under another:

/ - in-portal a.b.c installation
/directory/ - in-portal c.d.e installation