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As an improvement to In-Portal infrastructure we're working on changing
it's issue tracker from Mantis into Jira.

One (among other) things I've noticed useful in Jira is helpers. They are
wizards, that help user to determine why something doesn't work as expected.

Here are wizards, that can be developed for In-Portal using ideas from Jira:

*Permission helper*

Administrator enters "username" and "tree section" and clicks on "Inspect"
button. Then diagnostics information is displayed:

   - has permission
   - doesn't have permission and possible solutions (e.g. add user to a
   group, that has that permission)

*Field helper*

Determines, why given user can't see a field on a form.

*Hook helper*

Determines, why given hook event is not being executed.

General idea is to scan workflow and look a bit outside of it to easily
tell developer what is wrong and how this can be solved.

Best Regards,


  1. I really like this idea, specially the one about Permissions, as it's impossible to have this info right now without opening all permissions tabs for all folders in the path to know about it.


  2. In jira there is a view, where you see all a list of permissions (like
    current "Permissions" tab on group editing), but next to each permission
    information from all groups, where this permission is set are listed.

    For example if you want to know who can see "Forms" section, then you
    instantly see which group members can do that.