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Where did gone "platform/search/advanced_search" (as seen in side box search tpl)?

I'd like to code a page to propose different choices to users, and in fact this would be an advanced search (for looking into custom fields too).


  1. This is not advanced search template at all in "advanced" theme. Needs to be
    developed. Onlinestore theme has advanced search, but only for products. We
    don't have <inp2: tag based implementation of advanced search, that will
    allows you to specify what items you are searching (link, article, category,
    product) and then fill advanced search fields like in In-Portal 1.3.0
    default theme with <inp: tags.

  2. Well, I was asking this because the old code for advanced theme is still in
    place, commented out, in search tpl.

    Then do you mean actually I can't perform any search involving custom
    fields? :S
    (I'm not thinking about in-commerce only, but rhater whole system)

    2010/3/30 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. Old code with "<inp:" tags won't work. Need to re-create new one here.
    Custom field search was available in onlinestore theme, then I guess it
    still operational if you can assemble template to use it.

  4. ok, I'll do my own tests and let you know.

    2010/3/30 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  5. Phil,

    Actually there are 2 things you can help with here:

    1. Test what wanted to test and report back here :)

    2. Create a PSD with prototype of Advanced Search form for "Advanced"
    theme so we can see how you want it to be positioned.


  6. Dmitry,

    1. no more onlinestore theme in v5, the onlinestore theme from v4 isn't
    working, as per my tests:

       - advancedsearch function still exists in cat-processor.php
       - form from old onlinestore is displaying and work, but only for products
       - I have noticed the tag inp2:p_AdvancedSearchForm, it search only in
    products, I've tried other letter, but doesn't work

    I didn't found any function in PHP sources to search into custom fields, am
    I wrong?

    2. thank you for your proposal, but this is not a matter of design, I just
    need to search into In-Link custom fields, if possible using closes choices
    in form (i.e. no text entries, just check boxes as search criteria)

    I hope I'm clear enough ^-^


    2010/3/31 Dmitry A. <>

  7. OnSimpleSearch and OnAdvancedSearch should search all kind of stuff.

  8. Phil,

    Yes, thanks for your reply.

    Here are my notes:

    1. Yes, I know - we have update it, but there is a NEW theme already in the
    SVN in development and can be checkout / exported.

    No PHP changes were made so all main functions are there - we are short
    handed right now to work on Advanced Search.

    <>2. We are looking for long
    time solution - you are looking for something you can sell to your customer.
    Based on our experience - not a good idea to do something with Interfaces
    until we have designs for it.


  9. Alex, thanks for your late reply :)

    where should I put these tag? could you give me a code example?


    2010/4/2 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  10. Dmitry,

    1- ok, will test the theme asap (yes I'e installed SVN, just need time to
    test ^-^)

    2- this is for my own project this time, even if it could be usefull for
    other cases.


    2010/4/2 Phil -- -- <>

  11. Good! That means we need a solution that will be used by everyone not just
    in your project, and here we start with Interface of Advanced Search Form
    since most of PHP is already somewhat done and you need to properly to apply
    it to Form Control (input fields), but until we have NO Interfaces - it's
    not possible.


  12. The ones I've mentioned are not tags, but events. You still should use
    <inp2:p_AdvancedSearchForm .../> tag with same invocation syntax as
  13. Dmitry, I didn't asked any particular design as I bet this feature is of
    general interest, whatever design we have or we'll do in the near future.
    Advanced theme have all the design needs embedded in his CSS and images, do
    you need me to code this page for this particular theme?

    Alex, I thought the "p" after "inp2:" was related to product search only.
    How can I use the event you have mentioned?


    2010/4/2 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  14. That events are used automatically when you are located on search result
    template. About "p" prefix is the trick you should somehow process. Idea is
    to have template when as 1st step you choose what item type to search
    (actually select prefix, "p", "l" and so on) and then on 2nd step that
    prefix is used in AdvancedSearchForm tag.

  15. well, to resume, as I don't know -yet- the magic of inportal:
       - form behavior depends from where the file is in theme ?

       - you say I can change prefix, but I wasn't able to find other letter
    which are not leading to an error page, would you list the authorized
    letters and their corresponding module?

       - in my case, I need to look mainly in custom fields, with closed choices
    on front, example: on the search form : "dogs accepted : yes/no" (checkbox)
    and I expect the search form to sort only results where custom field
    "cust_dogs_allowed" is ON, is it tricky?

    2010/4/2 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  16. About allowed prefixes:

       - see Var column in Modules table (l - links, n - articles)
       - all other category item prefixes are allowed too

    About custom fields:
    nothing specific here, just check "Advanced Search" checkbox near needed
    custom field in "Search" section of corresponding module and it will be
    showed on advanced search form.

  17. Phil, I don't want to disappoint you here, but in ny opinion it just going
    to take for ever - going back and forth with Alex, and most likely no
    results for you.

    What I am recommending (from the beginning) for a better and sold results -
    work out Advanced Search Form (interfaces) for Advanced theme first, then do
    implementation - this is NOT a quick hack and separate task surely needed



  18. Phil, looks like you are not interested in this anymore? :)

    Please keep in mind that before we start doing any Web Development of this
    in In-Portal - we need to have clear vision what we are looking to achieve
    and for that we prefer to see a layout for the Advanced Search page should
    look like so it satisfies all our needs.

    We can even start with posting links to other Advanced Search pages so we
    get the idea what's good and what's not.

    Everyone please feel free to join and post here.

    I hope it makes sense.


  19. Dmitry,

    then I don't look like I should, as it's still of main interest for me, but
    I was busy on other tasks and other posts here :):

    In fact I don't see how to show a design example, as my idea is to have an
    advanced form to display custom fields created by users, then any example
    would be a particular case...

    Here is the logic I thought about for this advanced form, and it would need
    to be tailored on install for  users needs:

       - custom fields are of 2 family: closed choices and open choices (a check
    box is a closed choice, as well as radio buttons or dropdown lists, others
    are open ones)

       - search option would include 2 parts : text field and custom fields,
    each optionnal (ability to use both parts or only 1)

          - text field would search into all website, including custom's open

          - custom fields would display each closed custom fields, and you can
    select them : you can check a box, clic a radio or choose in a list. minor
    trick for list: being able to select more than 1 choice, using Ctrl + clic

    Does it make sense?


    2010/4/17 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  20. Hello back Dmitry,

    would you please give me your opinion ?


    2010/4/18 Phil -- -- <>

  21. Hi, Phil,

    Sorry for delay. I'll be reviewing and analyzing your notes within next few