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  • Allow to set phrase initial translation from template
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I propose we add ability to set phrase initial translation from inside template. For example, when you already know phrase translation, when you are placing it into template.

This could be done like this:

<inp2:m_Phrase name="la_fld_TestField" default="Test Field"/>

This should speed up development stage of project, since user should not re-visit template to click on each phrase to translate it.

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  1. Yes, I think it's going to be useful too.

    Let file the task for it if no one against this.


  2. yes, good idea. The default text will need to be clickable when we want to
    translate it, maybe you allredy thought about that :)

    2010/5/28 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. Hi Phil,

    It's a bit different. Default translation will be automatically added to the
    database (for corresponding label) ONLY if there is NO translation exists at
    the moment, after that translation process will work as before.


  4. Hi Dmitry,

    if this is something which is added to DB, it means it'll be added when
    theme is activated? What if we setup another language as primary? Does
    missing labels will add themselves into the new primary lang? I'd thought
    inportal would display the default field if there's no label in DB, not to
    replace it, this is an agressive method for lang pack, as most of the time
    coders are not the end marketer, this would not speed the process, having to
    replace a label instead of creating it.


    2010/5/28 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  5. Again it will NOT replace anything. It will INSERT a new translation from
    "default" parameter on the first time you are loading your page if there is
    NO current translation for the label.

    It will do this for the Primary language. Please note that in In-Portal
    5.1.0 we have changed the Translation system so it shows you the Translation
    from Primary Language if non-primary is missing one.

    There is a simple rule which we always follow:

    "Always put language Phrases (using tags) and NEVER put plain text". The
    purpose of the feature is to allow Developer to add a basic translation
    (most likely NOT final version) so it will be auto-inserted into the system.
    Later Webmaster or whatever can adjust things through the translation
    system. The advantage is that Developer does need to go through the 2 step
    process - add a tag with Phrase, then come back and add translation. Now it
    will be 1 step process.

    Hope it explains.


  6. We don't show primary translation, when it's missing on current language in

  7. Hi Dmitry,

    thanks for detailed explanation, my thought was about having a different
    display for language label vs. default label (for example, in our own small
    apps we use a different color to display non-translated labels (which are
    displaying our primary lang in the meantime).

    Anyway I like the idea of having a default field, developpers can give a
    quick meaning of the field, this is very usefull and time saving :)


    2010/5/29 Dmitry Andrejev <>way

  8. Task:

    INP-596 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  9. Hi Alex,

    Was there any particular reason why we did not want to load Primary
    translation in current one is missing?

    What if we do this when site in production mode and show not translated when
    debug is on?


    On May 29, 2010 4:19 AM, "Alexander Obuhovich" <> wrote:


    INP-596 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  10. We can't show translation from primary and missing phrase translation link
    at the same time.

  11. Hi Alex,

    We don't need to! What we want is to:

    1. show Primary trans. if current missing and we are NOT in Debug mode
    (which means production mode) and NOT in Content mode in Admin

    2. show Label with ability to translate when we in Debug mode and on Front,
    or Content mode and in Admin.

    What you think?


  12. I think it's perfect this way :)

    2010/5/31 Dmitry Andrejev <>