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I propose we create task for each bugfix release, where we can rename php classes, files and all other stuff to match our own coding standards listed in wiki. Let's not wait for 5.2.0 release with that.

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INP-551 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Okay, I knew we have this Discussion started already and was looking for it
    for about 5 mins :)

    Anyway, yes we should keep moving and create On-Going task in each Bugfix
    release creating one for 5.0.4 since 5.0.3 is already in Beta.

    There is one important thing since we are going to use 1 Task for this kind
    of Code Cleanup - we would need somehow to understand and have rules whether
    we commit right away or upload Patch as always and if we do we need to
    CLEARLY specify which Patch to test since previous (others) can be already
    Committed by that time.

    Here is the task for 5.0.4

    700: Code Cleanup in 5.0.4

    INP-551 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Hooray, we passed 700 tasks already!


  2. In case, when files got renamed, then we could not create patch and we'll
    commit strait away, but in case if we rename class or something, then we
    could create patch for that.

    Most useful approach is to rename class file and class itself in one step,
    but in that case only way to determine what is changed is via commit log

  3. Thanks for detailing this out.

    I just want to add if anyone else from the developers has some questions on
    this task - please feel free to ask here.


  4. That task was scheduled to 5.1.0, while 5.1.0 was out already - moved to