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Is there a validity duration setup somewhere for this code?

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  1. 3 hours (from "Allow password reset after" configuration variable). It's the
    same variable for password reset and email validation to activate

  2. Is there a way to change this value?

    2011/4/14 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. As I told it's a value of configuration variable. You can surely change it
    in "Configuration -> Users -> General" section.

  4. I saw this field, called "Allow password reset after:", and the default
    value is 180. Then I guess this is minutes, while Session Inactivity is
    displayed in seconds... We could unify these values and put all in minutes,
    don't you think so?

    2011/4/14 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  5. Then it will be another discussion for sure.

  6. ok :)

    2011/4/14 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  7. I've just noticed, that configuration variable I've mentioned here isn't
    used anywhere.

    Then it's a bug, since password reset/auto-registration timeout is 1 hour

  8. ah :)

    then we have 2 combined bugs here: activation link validity lengh and
    permissions not loaded. will you submit it, or should I?

    2011/4/25 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  9. Does making "activation link validity" infinite make more sense? For example
    user can activate his account any time he opens email activation email.

  10. if we can separate activation link from reset password link, then yes it
    could be good, it'd be better to have a shorter time for password reset
    (about 1hr or so).

    This field could the be used for it's original purpose only.

    2011/4/25 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  11. Task:

    INP-845 - Getting issue details... STATUS


    INP-845 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    >Ready for testing.
  12. Thanks Alex!

    Phil, did you have a chance to test it yet?


  13. I'll test it in the following... hours :)

    2011/4/27 Dmitry A. <>

  14. tested OK

    2011/4/27 Phil -- -- <>