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In-Portal has "Tools > System Tools" section that allows developers to perform specific actions, which aren't really related to user entered data.

For example show database table structure or unit config location.


I'm proposing to add auto-complete (via ajax) to these input fields, since we already know what user can enter there anyway.


  1. this is a good idea to have auto-complete here, I agree.


  2. Also we must review default CSS used to create auto-complete div. Right now
    it's very ugly and looks even worse, then default dropdown dialog.

    I personally like how it's done in Jira.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Yes, to both suggestions, but they should be separate tasks in my opinion.
    I wouldn't mix them together.

    Let's deal with auto-complete in this task and talk about improving CSS for
    it separately.


  4. Absolutely agree, please create corresponding tasks.