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Is it possible to fill the field called "Details Template" (in general tab of each item, used to override parent's category item design) from front-end form, like we do for custom fields for example?


  1. It's possible in other way. As you maybe know, then link has detail
    template, that include other detail sub-template based on link paid status.

    You can do the same:

       1. create a field/custom field, where you will specify link-specific
       detail template
       2. on link detail template (what is specified in the category) place
       <inp2:m_if check="l_Field" name="NewFieldNameHere"

  2. thank you for this solution.

    2011/4/25 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. I have another request on this theme-specific configuration:

    How can I sort my links, according to their theme design?
    I've checked we don't have "design template" in column selector, and we
    cannot sort them by custom field too.

    2011/4/25 Phil -- -- <>

  4. Links have site-wide sorting in admin console. It's not based on theme.

    If you need to sort links on front-end in some non-default way, then adding
    sort_by="FieldName,asc/desc" should help. Just add it to <inp2:l_ListLinks
    or <inp2:l_PrintList tags on needed template.