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  • Change for toolbar buttons in administrative console
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I propose to:

  1. merge enabled and disabled button images into single file and use css to extract requested image.
  2. delete hover version of images and use css/javascript to create hover image (overlay div with rounded border over enabled button).

Both changes should decrement total toolbar image count in distribution. If there are any special buttons, where hover version of button is not enabled button + gray border, then please post note here.

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1 Comment

  1. Yes, I agree this would save us from extra images space and should
    boost the Admin interfaces.

    I think we should create a Feature Request in Issue Tracker and take
    this discussion to the "In-portal Design & Interfaces Team" -- so our Design
    guys can help us finalize the specs and then implement the Images.

    This is the new Task in the Issue Tracker.

    INP-353 - Getting issue details... STATUS