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here a minor notice here, the icon right to each item in grid listing for
viewing it.
It actually open the item in the same window, on right frame, while it
should open the item preview in a new window.
Why? Because this icon reflect the fact that cliking on it will open a new
window, and this behavior with the very same icon is saw everywhere else,
from Wordpress to Wikipedia. I'd suggest wordpress-like grey link  with
"preview" for example, and this link would open in the same window, another
grey link with "edit content" would open the same preview with content mode



  1. Have you tested how it works in popup/modal window mode?

    If it works as you described there, then it's a bug.

  2. well, popup or modal window doesn't change anything in this particular case,
    window is opening in the same screen. In all modes, it should open in
    another window, due to the meaning of the icon. This icon should be one
    option between other ones.

    It opens in the same window in all mode because this icon trigger the 3
    editing modes toolbar, which is not appearing elsewhere. Then it's not a bug
    by itself, but the icon meaning isn't good.

    2011/8/27 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. Hi guys,

    I doubt it's a but rather a new change to the functionality. We should
    discuss this more with other people since there is meaning for opening in
    the Browse Mode and not just an new Window if you know what I mean.

    I probably would keep original functionality and add more options to this so
    Items can be Viewed in a new Window as User sees them without Admin frames
    at all.


  4. Originally that shortcut icons was supposed to be used like this:
    1. click icon -> page opens in "browse mode"
    2. click on "content mode" button
    3.  edit content block
    On Sep 11, 2011 8:45 PM, "Dmitry A." <> wrote:

  5. and it works like this actually, but the meaning of this icon is misused, as
    far as I know.

    It could be the opportunity to place really more intuitive links:
    preview - edit - quick edit... ah no, sorry, it looks too much like WP admin
    if we use this last one :)

    preview : open a new browser window with page to preview
    edit : open the page in edit mode

    what do you think guys?

    2011/9/13 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  6. Yes, and no I should say.

    Currently we have it opening in Content Mode and not edit so it's kind of
    different name and meaning.


  7. no, it opens the page on browse mode when you click on this small icon.

    The way olders versions < 4.x were working was really more simple: 1 clic to
    edit mode, 1 more clic to edit the content.

    2011/9/14 Dmitry A. <>

  8. I guess we can have 2 icons there:

    1. Open in Browse mode (same window)
    2. Open in Front-end (pop-up)

    But again this is not as clear and intuitive to me - I believe should think
    and talk about this more. Since there is definitely much more to it.


  9. well, in all cases it's unuseful to access "browse mode" from here, as
    content mode is also a king of browsing mode.
    Once again, I feel that v4.x ergonomy was far more better. I know we
    discussed about that earlier with Andrew, but I didn't changed my mind on
    this :)

    and I'm not for icons for 2 reasons:
    - users need to know what they stand for (and could forger about it, yes,
    all users are not programmers and computer professionals like us)

    - an icon is harder to target with your mouse pointer, while a full text let
    a whole lot space to clic, and don't give any trouble about what will

    Do you think it's a coincidence that all other majors CMS uses text-link and
    text-buttons rather than icons? I don't know if we will be able to a better
    interface, but if we could at least compete at the same ergonomic level,
    it's be an huge improvement. Ok this goes to another post/group :-)

    2011/9/18 Dmitry A. <>

  10. Thanks Phil all your points

    All I can say right now that there is a desperate need for the newer Admin
    Interfaces and not just this minor change to accommodate todays needs. We
    all know this and working towards this direction.


  11. You're welcome, this is the purpose of groups :)

    Is there any people/team which spend some time on it right now, where I
    could participate?

    2011/9/19 Dmitry A. <>