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  • Check for database collation during installation
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When on "Database Select" step user enters database connection info, then
basic tests are performed on that database to make sure, that it can be used
by In-Portal.

One important check is not made during that time - check for database
collation match against collation user have specified.

In case when database collation is "latin1_swedish_ci" (default for MySQL
server) and user have selected "utf8_general_ci", then category permission
cache rebuild will fail, when there are categories (sections) with non-latin
characters in their names (unserialize function will fail due incorrect

In ideal world In-Portal must add collation to any CREATE TABLE statement it
does, but it doesn't.

We could actually do both of that (create table fixing and check during
installation) to be sure that all is ok.

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  1. Yes, I know we are NOT using Collations defined in config.php when creating
    Search tables.

    I am sure we have other places.