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  • Closing database connection when die() in script
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One recent project has shown, that having die() executed frequently in code might cause database connection to "freeze", in other words - this "dead" connection does not disconnect and as a result, maximum allowed db connections becomes a cause for other sites, running on same server, to receive "cannot connect to database server - maximum allowed connections exceeded".


I propose handling database closure process within __destruct() method inside of kDbConnection class, as this method should be executed even if die() is called.


  1. Hi Nikita,

    Thanks for reporting. Let's start with looking at your specific project
    needs since have justed tested a simple test on my end and MySQL Connections
    were closed as soon as script ended (with die).

    Please email me directly so we can take a closer look at this.



  2. I believe this might be a server issue (PHP4) since we have unsuccessfully
    tried replicating this on another copy.