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I propose add to form_blocks.tpl of administrative console element for
color input field (color picker), based on scripts from the page . I've already made such block
locally - if necessary, I can make the patch.


  1. Hi Erik,

    Sure, please attach your patch here (SVN if possible) so we can all review
    and try things.



  2. Thanks Eric. I'd like to test it, could you also send images used in this

    Where will it appears, and what do this patch will modify? This would be
    useful to give anyone the willing to try it :)

    2011/6/14 Erik Snarski <>

  3. Yes, while reviewing the patch I've noticed, that:

       - there is a really huge JS code
       - PNG images are missing

  4. thank you for fast reply.

    Any -short- description of usage/purpose?

    2011/6/14 Erik Snarski <>

  5. Purpose is simple (see first post in discussion) - have a color picker

    I suppose it adds nice button near input field, that allows to pick a color
    from a nice gradient control or something like this.

  6. well... I'll test it... I know what is a color picker, but it still don't
    indicate where will it be used: near input field, to insert a color code
    into a field? nvm for others...

    2011/6/14 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  7. Yes, it will be used exactly as you described.

  8. :)

    2011/6/14 Alexander Obuhovich <>