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  • Complementary mod-rewrite url parameter transformation scheme
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I propose to add ability (on/off via configuration variable) to transform all url parameters (except of "env" of course) in form "/parameter_name/parameter_value". For example:


Don't know, how useful this could be though.


  1. Idea is very interesting and I believe has potential, but what happens
    to more complex URL build for "Mod-rewrite Listeners"?

    How these all will mix up? can you provide more samples?

    To see what I mean look at this:

    This is "Custom Mod-rewrite Listener" not from 5.0.1, but works very
    similarly and as you can see there are variables... Can you adapt this
    to work as you proposing?



  2. Unfortunately my proposed approach has no AI to detect what to parse and
    what's not, no I guess it could be enabled globally, especially for case
    when total url part count isn't odd, e.g. 7.

    This idea, however could be implemented in any of user-made rewrite
    listeners, when it need it.

  3. Yes, that's what I thought... but it's ok for now.

    I say we wait! experiment and see how this is useful and new Mod-
    Rewrite Listeners work all together since it's kind of new approach
    for everyone.

    Later we can come back to this topic and put more time into this or
    some of In-Portal users might raise this question earlier.


  4. This idea proposed by me originally violates URL building logic, where facet filters must be passed in QueryString and not in main URL part (before .html).