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  • Confirm Address Change During Order Process
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in order process, on billing and shipping pages, user can manage his
addresses: select from drop down, add a new one, or directly enter an
I encounter the same thing as we have I admin pages: there's absolutely no
confirmation upon changes (another address selected, address validated...)

Is there an easy way to use a tag to say "Change have been made"?



  1. User is changing dropdown value (with addresses in it) and that value is
    kept and new address is shown right away. Do we really need any kind of
    confirmation here?
    On Sep 15, 2011 12:03 AM, "Phil -- --" <> wrote:

  2. well, it's not only that one of my customers ask for it, it's something
    related to intuitively.
    In admin too, we could see that your changes are shown right away after

    In both cases, we need to perform a check by ourselves to see if the change
    have been made. That's why I propose to make this check easier by seeing a
    message confirmation.

    2011/9/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. In term of implementing this is not very hard to do.

    This address dropdown itself complicates things and we decided to get rid of
    it in new In-Commerce theme.
    On Sep 15, 2011 10:35 AM, "Phil -- --" <> wrote:

  4. HI Phil,

    I am confirming that we'll have New In-Commerce theme very soon.

    Also, we'll be adjusting Admin Order screens so it will be different from
    what you see now.

    I believe we should wait until then before making any changes here.


  5. good news, then I'm waiting for it !

    2011/9/18 Dmitry A. <>