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I came to the situation of having 2Gb of debug files on a website, because we used debug while we were in dev. and they stayed in system/cache.

I'd suggest to create an agent to clear debug_* files that are older than 1 week.

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  1. We can actually adjust agent, that now deletes unused images from
    /system/images and /system/images/pending folders to do clean up here too.
    Maybe we need to rename it too.

  2. yup, why not doing a global clean up agent, we could name it "Cinderella
    Clean Up" :-)

    2010/11/24 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. I am for creating a separate Agent that will handle Debug clean up once a
    day or so since in some cases we might want to disable Delete Image Agents,
    plus it's not a good practice to have a Regular Event (in images now) that
    will manage the data outside of it's scope.

    I would call new Agent as check_system_integrity OR clean_system_data and
    start with teaching it to clean old Debug files and then running Optimize on
    Tables SQL (one by one) once a day. There are other things we can do with it
    down on the road depending on time.

    What you think?


  4. Ok about separate agent. Then "optimize_system_performance" would be the
    right name.

  5. Here is a new task for this feature request:

    939: New Agent to perform System Cleanup and Optimize Performance

    INP-754 - Getting issue details... STATUS