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I propose to create some toolbar button initially as disabled to prevent button image changing effect.

For example on incomplete orders list we have 8 toolbar buttons and 6 of them will be disabled when page is completely loaded. I propose we disabled that 6 buttons from the start, since they will be only enabled, when user select and order in grid below. 

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Yes, it makes sense to me too.

    I guess we need to find all the places with this and list them here or we
    just do this as default?


  2. We should also add ability to initially create disabled buttons in
    ToolbarButton class.

  3. I thought they all will be disabled at start (as you posted in first post)?


  4. Nope, if we disable them all at start, then we will get same effect as
    before, but inverted.

  5. Okay, would you please create a new task and may be relate it with the other
    were we want to switch to single Image file for Toolbar images?



  6. Task:

    INP-588 - Getting issue details... STATUS